Our Zion and Bryce Canyon Family Vacation-Day 4 and 5

Today we all woke up pretty stiff and sore everywhere. Our plans for today was our first trip to Bryce Canyon National Park and a 3.5 mile moderate hike of the Navajo Loop, Queens Garden Trail, and Wall Street. Although, first we had to drive to Bryce Canyon NP which was through the Zion Mt. Carmel Tunnel.

IMG_2402This is a tunnel that literally cuts straight through the mountain side and is patrolled at both ends by park rangers. IT’S AMAZING!!!! You have to drive it if you are visiting the area. IMG_2118 Even if you are not hikers and are just visiting the park, this is a must see 6 mile drive. The views are absolutely stunning and I actually saw my first mountain goat…actually lets make that GOATS!!! A dream come true for me:) IMG_2358 You will pass many little pullouts where you can pull over and capture popular sights like the checkerboard mesa,  IMG_2400 wildlife right next to the side of the road, IMG_2121and some breath taking views.


Eventually we did arrive at Bryce Canyon NP about mid morning and luckily found a parking space available near the trail head. Bryce also offers a shuttle service that is free and information is available all throughout the town.

We started our hike on the rim and made our way down into the canyon. Bryce and Zion are two completely different parks to say the least.  IMG_2263 Zion is all elevation climbing where Bryce was hiking into a canyon and back out of the canyon. The colors were so amazing that if I did not know better I would have thought I was hiking through a painting in a art gallery. It was unbelievable!  IMG_2270  IMG_2212  IMG_2198

This hike was not strenuous until reaching the switchbacks back up out of the canyon floor. These were intense, short, elevation paths that led you up and out pretty quickly.  IMG_2254 After exiting the canyon we decided to do the scenic drive through some of the pullouts throughout the park. These also were amazing and just a few steps out of our car.  IMG_2284

Again, another very successful day which ended with a drive back, showers, and dinner all before more pool time.



Do you have specific questions regarding the park or the area? Feel free to email me and I will be happy to answer them if I can.


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