Currently I am…..

Reading: Thru Hiking Will Break Your Heart by Carrot Quinn

Enjoying: All the time I am spending on my standup paddle board while my husband does water therapy in nearby lakes and the bay of Green Bay.


Missing: Morning walks with a friend of mine. She is a crossing guard so during the school year we walk every morning. Since school is out for summer break we have only walked a few times and I miss this social time.

Eating: Spicy everything….I was never a spicy foods lover until about a year ago. I am not quite sure why my tastes are changing but I am enjoying it.


Struggling With: Our recent lifestyle. Ever since my husband was put on weight restriction with his back/nerve injury we have not gotten to do many things that we love to do. No disc golf, no whitewater kayaking, no tennis, no nothing and it’s driving both of us crazy.


Making Me Smile: I walked into the gym this past weekend and noticed two new stair master machines. I was standing next to one when my husband walked out of the locker room with a look of Christmas on my face and he rolled his eyes at me. How could I not give this a try? It was calling my name the second I saw it. Super awesome!!!!

Anticipating: Our upcoming vacation. I have no idea what or if we will achieve everything on the list that we had hoped to do thanks to these medical issues. I just really want a safe, enjoyable trip as a family.

Waiting Patiently For: MRI results and a game plan on how to fix my hubby.


Researching: Yurts for a possible Christmas vacation in the wilderness


Have you ever stayed in a yurt?


During what season?

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