Weekend Snapshots: Wine, Water and Wonderful Friends

What a great holiday weekend we had. After everything that has happened with both my husband and son these past few weeks, I can honestly say none of us needed to take a visit to urgent care over the weekend. Although, that is not to say we survived the weekend with no first aid needed. OUCH! My husband sustained a deep cut but the tendon is still working…hurray for small miracles.


Friday is when our weekend officially started since we all had the day off. I very rarely have a day completely without children during the week so I needed to do a few daycare chores before our fun began.


After chores we decided to stick close to home and enjoy the nice weather by having some fun in the Bay of Green Bay. Our son gave the standup paddle board a try after suffering with a back injury all week. This made me nervous but I know from experience sometimes movement is the best thing for back pain, so I stood close by and watched.


Saturday we were up bright and early loading the truck for a day I have been looking forward to for the past year. Last year a good friend of mine bought herself a kayak after giving one of ours a try. Since then we have been trying to find a day that we could make it back to their cabin and kayak the lake together. This turned out to be that day….and it could not have been more perfect. The lake was calm, the sun was shining….it was perfect. We arrived, unloaded, and hit the water immediately. It had been at least two years since I had paddled one of our recreational kayaks, so I was surprised to find that I was a little nervous. Which is so odd since my whitewater kayak is so natural, but a few strokes into it and all the nerves disappeared.


While visiting we also had the opportunity to meat her son and daughter in law for the first time. They both had their first experience with a standup paddle board and needless to say her son granted us some pretty good laughs.

Here he is attempting to stand up


He’s standing….look fast


And here is is falling into the lake after a few seconds of standing


This was his one and only attempt….at least he was still smiling after his little swim.

After some fun they took us for a tour around the lake on their pontoon and then we all shared a very nice dinner prepared over the campfire.


Dessert was chocolate chip smores…yum!


The night ended with fireworks over the lake before we headed home very late. It was one of the best July 4th holidays I have ever had.


Sunday brought a day to sleep in. I cannot remember the last time I was up until midnight but Sunday I was not motivated to do much at all. We clean and put away all our weekend water toys, did numerous loads of laundry, made it to the gym in hopes of finding some energy which was somewhat successful, and pretty much relaxed the rest of the day.

I have to say, with my husband still suffering with a pinched nerve and on weight restriction, my son just coming off a week long back injury, and me trying to handle mainly everything around the house, it did turn out to be a very nice, relaxing, and fun weekend. Exactly what I needed. And the small parts that were not so relaxing I handle with a little help from the wine bottle:)


Have you ever tried standup paddling?

How did you do?


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