Blister Prevention Supplies

After a lot of research I have finally settled on blister prevention supplies I think will come in very handy on our next hiking vacation.

Our son will be joining us this time and he was blessed with feet just like me…..blister prone. Which can make hiking any distance very painful. After many, many years of experimenting with numerous items, I have finally found my happy solution to my problems. I now wear toe socks by Injinji and they have been a life saver. However, he can not find a pair that fits him so this is not an option. Which meant I needed to figure out how to keep him blister free or at least cover the blisters he does get so he can continue hiking in the least amount of pain possible. Here is what I came up with after reading many hiking forums.


Apparently, everyone uses these four items to prevent and treat blisters. Thankfully we start our training regime a week from today which will give us plenty of time to test these products out and see if they work.

Here’s to hoping for pain free training and pleasant hiking in the near future.


Do you have a blister prevention plan you care to share with us.


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