Natural Red Celebrates Two Years

Wow, I can’t believe I have been blogging for two years. A reader once told me that it gets easier as you go and it really does.

First, let me say thank you to everyone who follows, visits, or just happens to stop in by mistake. I am pretty proud to be linked to no other social media sights and have the followers I have. You all know I am not a fan of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.. You may even wonder why I decided to blog being I am not a huge fan of all the technology that is available to us nowadays. Well, honestly, besides being able to keep a written memory of our family life and everything we do, I also hope to inspire families to just step away from all the technology that seems to take priority in so many lives and have some old fashion fun together doing something in the great outdoors. Ironically, the only way to really do this is to do it with technology…so that’s how Natural Red came about.

Over the last two years I have had friends, family, and followers that have tried new things and have had so much fun. I love checking my email and seeing a message from a “virtual friend”  telling me they went on vacation and rented kayaks for the first time. I love giving advice to the ones that ask specific questions about a trail or a river in our area. And most of all, I love hearing about family outings that they have tried and could not believe how much fun their children had while doing something outdoors.

As I get older I find myself evolving and swaying a little away from whitewater kayaking and the adrenaline rush I used to look forward to around the bend in the river. However, I still very much love to kayak and enjoy the peace and serenity that it brings me. Plus someone has to be there to carry the important items: car keys, throw rope, first aid etc…


As for my my standup paddle board, it’s hard for me to put into words what this does for me. This is something that I do for a great workout, a sense of relaxation, and just pure fun with a splash of youth (shall I say) thrown in for good measure:)


With that being said, my passion has really turned toward hiking. Long or short, I could hike any trail over a hundred times with great pleasure. My dreams of doing a section hike of a well known long distance trail is a dream I hope to make come true in the near future.


I don’t plan to change anything here on Natural Red in the upcoming year. However, if you wish to hear more information about anything I write about, please feel free to contact me with your suggestions/questions. I am looking forward to sharing this years adventures with all of you and hope to inspire you all to enjoy the journey of life. Thank you all so much for following Natural Red and as always, I hope you enjoy the ride.





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