Getting Life Under Control…..For The Moment

It’s no secret that we all feel a little overwhelmed some days. Two weeks ago, I wondered if I would ever get the hang of two infants and a preschooler again, but it’s starting to come together nicely. I can’t say we have a schedule but at least a routine for now. Yes, some days we are completely thrown off but for the most part we have all found our happy place. That’s not to say my family is not having to help more. Not so much with the kids but with life in general. More specifically, meal time after they all go home for the day.

Preparation of meals have been shared more and more by everyone instead of just me being the cook. Even our son has been taking one night a week and preparing dinner…..and we have been actually enjoying his creations. (Typically he eats things I would never even consider eating) My husband has been making use of the grill at least once if not twice during the week. And I will admit, sushi has been picked up and brought home more often than usual lately. Having help with meal times alone makes a world of difference in my life after a long day of work.


I recently found myself taking an entire morning this past weekend preparing a bunch of things I could prepare and freeze for quick meals or for my husband’s lunch. I made two loaves of banana bread, enjoying one now and freezing one for later. I made a huge batch of calico beans, chili John’s chili, and a pan of lasagna all to freeze in single serving glass dishes. This is a life saver for quick healthy meals when there simply is not enough time.


I am looking into possibly trying some crock pot breakfast ideas that cook while your sleeping. How super cool is that? Although, I have not given any of these a try quite yet. With my new workout routine so very early in the morning, I can see how this would really be an easy and quick option. I will let you know how this goes when I eventually get around to giving it a try.




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