Thermostat vs. Remote

We have had the most unbelievable weather this week. Highs reached the 50’s everyday which for me was pure heaven.

I dug out the screens and installed them on all the windows because this is the time of year I love to air out our house and breathe fresh air. My husband on the other hand can’t stand it when I turn off the heat and open everything up. He says its best to leave the heat on and house closed up so when it does drop low enough to turn back on it will not have to work as hard to heat everything back up again. Needless to say, we completely disagree. Actually, whether he is right or wrong, I don’t truthfully care. He has always and will always be in control of one thing in our home, the remote. I have always and will always be in control of one thing in our home, the thermostat. When I don’t like what he’s watching on television, I find something better to do, which is often. If he does not like the temperature of our home, he can put on more clothes or go drive around with the heat on.

Moving on.

We did so much this week that by Wednesday morning I was feeling every muscle and joint in my entire body. Vitamin I (Ibuprofen) was my best friend and my husband said that maybe I had a sunshine hangover. I was ok with that. It’s better than any other kind of hangover I have had in my life. My daycare kids and I played outside every single day this week. Even though we are limited to mainly the driveway because our lawn is so wet, it was still so much fun. Chalk drawings cover my driveway again, we blew bubbles, rode bikes, etc. Even my infants are enjoying the nice weather. I will admit, our routine of getting ready and making it outside in under a half hour needs some work. I am totally out of practice when it comes to dressing two infants, one three year old, and gathering all the supplies to make it outside without having to run back in for any forgotten items.

I am very happy to say I do believe our mall walking nights are over until next winter. We walked outside every night and I saw neighbors that I have not seen in months. Our son visited a local recreation trail one night and came home reporting that it is clear of snow and ice which put another smile on my face. Maybe it’s time to head out to our favorite trails this weekend.


I hesitate to say that hopefully winter has come to an early end and maybe this year we will see summer earlier than last summer. Even though I feel rough and should rest up this weekend for the week ahead I know that will never happen. If all goes according to planned I hope to meet up with a friend for a walk, maybe hit a few tennis balls with my hubby or even try hiking if the trails aren’t too muddy. My boys are already debating removing the kayaks from their storage area and going for a quick paddle. BRRRRRR I also heard my son has already scoped out a local park to see if the disc golf nets have been reinstalled. (Which they have)


So what we do this weekend is totally up in the air but you can bet Monday will be a slow, tired, achy kind of day after a very busy weekend. If none of this works out I would be perfectly happy just to clean the garage. It’s not a fun job but at least it’s outside:)


Do you and your spouse fight over the remote/thermostat?

Who wins?







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