Confession Time….I Finally Bought Pop-Tarts

I have something to tell you all. I still can’t believe I actually spent good money on this product. I have been debating and wondering about pop-tarts for some time now since I see many, many others that hike/kayak eat these. I remember as a child my mom buying these for my brother and I and they did not go over so well. Although, that was many years ago, maybe they are new and improved. I know peer pressure should not be a factor, but they are cheap. Plus the store I bought them at had an additional coupon to use and my husband said,”just buy some we will never know until we try them.” So we stood there looking at all the flavors and finally grabbed three boxes(the amount needed to use the coupon).


Yep, I paid money for Pop-tarts! I was almost embarrassed to stand in the checkout line with these in my cart. However, the guy in front of us was clearly single with the amount of processed food he was purchasing, so this helped a little. At least this was the only horrible thing I had in my cart.

When it came time to try them my husband made sure to tell me that he wanted to be home to witness this ordeal. Not for support, mind you, he was hoping for a good chuckle I think. I chose the blueberry to be my pastry of choice. I did not heat the first one since on a trail or a river bank I will not have access to a toaster. I took two bites and passed it on to my husband. They are just as pasty and dry as I recall from my childhood days. The next one I heated as directed on the package. Heating helped, I was able to get down one pastry but needed water to wash it down by the last few bites. I just can’t get over how dry and chalk like they are!!!!

So would I buy them for a fast, easy thing to pack for us while kayaking or hiking? Ahhhh, I don’t know. There are certainly much better options that have been working for us for some time now. Maybe if it was a multi day trip on a trail like the PCT then I may consider it but probably not. I would have to be pretty darn hungry to go this route!

I give all you fellow sports enthusiasts credit in this category. If you can stomach these tasty looking, sprinkled, chalk like food panels, you have my deepest regards.

What are your favorite trail/paddling foods?

Do you like Pop-tarts?

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