Watching: The new season of Scorpion. My husband got me hooked on this program and I can even stay awake through the entire hour.

Reading: Hikertrash: Life on the Pacific Crest Trail by Erin Miller   I highly recommend it if your looking for a few laughs and love hiking. I can put myself in her shoes many, many times.

Anticipating: Another glamping trip(glamorous camping) we have planned. Take a look at our last glamping trip


Eating: We have been enjoying our first ever farm fresh eggs. I am a complete city girl, born and raised. (Not entirely proud of it though) When my husband said he could get farm fresh eggs from a fellow co worker I was excited to give these a try. I have heard they are better but who knew…..I do now.

Researching: The different snake boots and/or snake gators that are out on the market. Yes, I believe I may need these for our next vacation. My only hope is that I end up purchasing them and they become a complete waste of money when we DON’T cross paths with a snake. This would be the very best scenario there could be.

Struggling With: Lately, workouts have been a battle. I am tired of dealing with a jam packed gym during the week, I am bored walking our area mall, and my afternoon workout is a hit or miss depending on my two newborns sleep schedules right now. I think I just need Spring to arrive, the snow to melt ,and to get outside and breathe some fresh air. All in good time:)

Worried About: A close friend’s health. We are all praying for good results.

Making Me Smile: The three year old I take care of everyday is as excited as I am about making another trip to the beach when the snow melts. She brings this topic up almost daily which brings a smile to my face.


Need: A date night with my hubby.

Thinking About: I have been debating taking a NOLS Wilderness First Aid Certification class.




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