What I’m Loving Lately

Here is another version of what I am loving lately.

Gas Prices: Did you EVER believe you would see gas under $2 a gallon again? Not me….but it is I could not be happier.

Blueberry Bliss Luna Bars: Yummmmmm. Luna bars have become my go to bar when I need a quick snack. I love both the lemon zest and now the blueberry bliss flavors. Give them a try, I think you will be happily surprised:)

Spring: Officially arrives in 64 days.

Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges: I found a new snack that is tasty, easy and healthy. I unwrap a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese , top it with salsa and enjoy with pretzels. These wedges are perfect because they are individually wrapped, easy to grab and go and don’t need refrigeration until after you open it. Plus they have an assortment of different flavors to choose from.

Health food and workout clothing is all on sale: One nice thing about the new year is these two items go on sale for all the new year resolution people. However, those of us that are already health freaks also get to reap the benefits:)

Spark Recipes app: Lately, I feel as if I have been in a recipe fog. I am tired of everything we normally like to eat and can’t seem to come up with any new ideas. That is until I came across the app Spark Recipes. This has been a great tool for sparking my love of being in the kitchen again.

Cinnamon in my morning coffee: Recently, I have had this craving for cinnamon so I decided one morning to add a sprinkle to my morning coffee and was very pleasantly surprised.

Anything you want to share that you have been loving lately?


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