What If….


Just some thoughts ……

What if a scale not only told us a number but also added an inspirational quote? Would it be easier to step on that scale and face that number?

What if you could buy will power? How much would you pay for it?

What if you had a personal chef? Would you eat healthier?

What if we all knew the day of our death? Would it change how you live today?

What if everyone was the same color, worth the same amount of money, believed in the same political party, and practiced the same religious denomination? Would we still find something to fight about?

What if the surgeon general’s warning on cigarettes wasn’t quite so vague and plainly stated, “you are killing yourself?” Would you still smoke?

What if restaurants banned and collected cell phones at the door until you left the premises? Would you still continue to eat out?

Feel free to answer or even add to the thoughts that often go through my mind after witnessing an event, observing the general public or watching the news.

Have a great day:)




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