Life’s Highs and Lows

Doesn’t it always seem when something happens that is great there is always something right behind that is not so great? Lately, this has been the story of my life, high and then low. Much like being on a roller coaster, which in case you did not know, I do not enjoy roller coasters!

Take A Look:

High: It’s now December, one month closer to Spring. Hurray!

Low: December is crazy busy with parties, family, stress, shopping, birthdays etc.

High: Every week that passes is one week closer to vacation.

Low: I am already dreading coming home from vacation and I have not even left yet.

High: My Christmas shopping is almost done.

Low: Now I need to wrap everything.

High: 2015 will be bringing many changes in my daily life, but I am confident it will all work out for the better.

Low: Sleep has been pretty scarce lately. I blame stress over these changes.

High: Our health insurance deductible has been met this year thanks to our son and his accident back in May. (We have not met our deductible in years) So health care has actually been affordable.

Low: Our deductible will start over(as most do) Jan. 1.

High: I walked 5 miles for the first time in months without my ankle taped up and I had no pain:)

Low: My husband is sick with a respiratory bug and I am hoping I am not next to battle this illness.

High: I have a girl’s Christmas get together planned for this month and it should be fun.

Low: Our daycare Christmas party is also planned and even though it’s an exciting time for the kids, it’s always a very rough day for me. Kids don’t understand that there is only one of me to three of them. And let’s face it, whom ever thought of twist tying or using screws and plastic pieces to secure toys to the cardboard packages they are sold in could not have had any children. This is simply over kill in my eyes. And it takes FOREVER to get the darn toy out of the box. My only hope is that we have a major snowstorm that day and my husband stays home to help. Or my son has off of school and work that day and I can use him to my advantage. (now let’s just hope neither one of them read this post)

High: We are really doing well on our training. My cardio time has improved significantly and if I had more time in a day, I know I could even go longer.

Low: I am dreading January when the gym we belong to fills with new year’s resolution newbies!!! I know….. how bad I am to think this way. I really do support a healthy lifestyle, it just frustrates me when you join a gym to become healthy and spend most of that time walking around or sitting on the machines texting instead of working out. Do that in the lobby and leave the machines for those of us that really want to be healthy and fit:)

As you can see, there are many things weighing on my mind right now. Some good, some bad and some are even quite ugly. I just keep my head held high and remember life could be so much worse.





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