Camping Perfection

We had the most amazing weekend camping. The weather was gorgeous, temps were in the 80’s, colors were just starting to make an appearance in the trees, we ate amazing food, and had many great laughs with a friend.

We arrived at Perrot Park Friday afternoon. Our campsite over looked the water with Trempealeau Mountain in the distance.


We did a quick hike upon arrival just to loosen up and move around before setting up camp. After camp was set we enjoyed dinner which consisted of freeze dried meals. We even got somewhat creative with dessert and tried something new. First, I crushed some vanilla sandwich cookies and layered them in a cup. Next, I added some Mountain House Raspberry Crumble and sprinkled it with the chocolate cookie crumbles.


When camping you make due with what you have and it passed the taste test of us all. It was delicious!

Saturday was the day we had the most plans on our agenda. After preparing a nice breakfast and sharing it over some laughs from our over night accomplishment we headed to the trails. In case your wondering what our accomplishment was I will fill you in briefly. This trip consisted of one male (my husband) and two females (myself and our newly found active neighbor). We were told we were only allowed one bathroom escort per night from my husband and he was hoping we could sync up our visits. First night….SUCCESS! Second night, not such a success:-(

Anyhow, back to the trails. We hiked a total of three trails. Which all got our hearts pumping and offered amazing views.



We were literally as high as the tree tops. No picture could ever give you the depth of beauty we saw before our eyes. We also gave our neighbor her first geocaching experience. She is not big into bushwaking but she was a trooper and headed off the trail into the thick of things to make the discovery.


After almost 5 miles of hiking we were ready to have some lunch, refresh a bit and head back to civilization by making the drive to a nearby town called Winona, MN.

Here we knew of a disc golf course we had played at in the past and took advantage of the beautiful weather to get in 18 holes. After this we visited a local restaurant that my husband found once on a business trip with his company. Bub’s Brewing Company has these spectacular, very unhealthy stuffed mushrooms that my husband craves.


There was no way he would allow us to be so close by without making a trip to this establishment for him. Especially since was our “middle of the night” bathroom escort, he deserved a treat on this trip too.

All in all it turned out to be an amazing camping trip. From start to finish we laughed, hiked, and had an amazing time together.

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