Join Me For Coffee….

I feel like I need a little chat time. For someone to listen, maybe comment or not. So let’s have a virtual coffee date.


First,  would welcome you with a hug and buy you coffee:) I would tell you how grateful I am that you came.

I would tell you we are doing fine and things with our son are looking much brighter this year at school. He is very happy with his choice to change campuses. That is quite a relief coming from a mom.

I would tell you about our trip we finally have planned. That I am so excited and that I hope it helps with my winter blues. However, as excited as I am, I am also quite nervous to try something we have never experienced before. Although, as with our trip in Utah, at least if I screw up and slip I will be assured to die somewhere beautiful.

I would ask your opinion of a change I am working on in my profession. I have lost sleep over this for a week now but hope to have it all figured out real soon. Being self employed is not always as good as it sounds. I still have to deal with issues just like any business only mine are on a much more personal level.

I would tell you I did my first tabata workout this week and it literally kicked my butt. I thought I was going to fall over right then and there. It was 20 minutes of the greatest torture I have ever experienced! The next 2 days I was moving pretty slow but it was that good kind of sore, ya know. The kind that says I worked parts of my body that I normally do not work.

I would tell you that I should start packing for our camping trip that is coming up.  I am just simply struggling to get motivated because of the cold temperatures we have been experiencing here in Green Bay. Sleeping will be fine, we have warm sleeping bags. Hiking will be great in cooler temps but those early morning and the middle of the night bathroom trips will suck! If my husband wants a happy wife, he better get up before I do and have hot water ready to go before I crawl out of that tent. I love camping, he is 100% in charge of cooking, always! It almost makes me want to camp in the backyard every single night:)

I would also tell you we are really hoping to paddle a river once more this year but I am almost ready to pack it all away for the year. I swear it went from comfortable to very chilly here overnight and I don’t believe the comfortable will be returning until probably next June. If there is one thing as bad as seeing a snake in the river while I am in it, it would have to be shivering while paddling uncontrollably. Cold and wet is not my idea of fun:(

By this time our coffee should be gone or cold so I better get to planning my weekend, prepare for my little ones to arrive and getting this Friday started so it can eventually end.

Have a great weekend.



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