Just Struggling….

Reviews, reviews, reviews…..I have literally read hundreds in the past two weeks. The hardest part is that it is someone’s opinion. Not a fact, not a lie, just an opinion. HELP!!!

Let me explain a bit. I have been struggling to plan a winter vacation for my husband and I. We are going somewhere sunny and warm in the middle of winter. I could not be happier….but we plan to hike while on vacation and that is where the issue is. I have read what many, many others have said about the area we plan to hike. Some say don’t try it without a guide. Some say it’s easy and a great place to hike. There is no middle of the line. Some say the hike has literally exhausted them for the rest of the day and some say it was an easy hike and very enjoyable. Again, no middle of the line.

Which leaves me with the big question. Hire a guide or don’t hire a guide? I did talk with a few guides and they all asked very specific questions like, where do we usually hike, do we have any elevation, how far are our typical hikes, and so on.  When I answered them and also added that we hiked Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park  one year ago, which was our biggest elevation ever, they all said the same exact thing. “OH, that is extreme, you will have no problem then.” Which I kind of knew but the reviews all say that the trails we have in mind can be very hard to follow and are not well marked. (Let me remind you, we were guided in Zion National Park) I am not concerned about mileage or elevation. I am concerned about getting lost in the desert!!!

So I sit waiting for another guide to email or call me back and hopefully get more in depth information on whether they think we can handle this one on our own or not….more to come when I finally figure this out.

What would you do?

2 thoughts on “Just Struggling….

  1. No guide. The exhausting comments are from average citizens, sole block walkers, and probably from a sneaky guide or two looking for more sales (clients).
    What would the purpose of having a guide be? Do you have to repell down a cliff, climb a cliff, hunt for food, hiking trip longer than 2 days or do you need protection from big predators? Have you heard of rescue trip stories about this trail on the news?
    The Guides you talked to sound pretty honest. They did not sell you that you deffinetly need a guide just to keep booked.

    Another Angle – Would you not be dissapointed if you were not exhausted a little?

    • Thank you for giving us different angles to think about.

      Yes, I would be very disappointed if we were not exhausted by the end. This trip involves no repelling but some “moderate rock scrambling” as they describe it. The only thing that has me hesitant is getting lost in the desert. Although, with GPS and trail maps we may be fine.

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