My Job Title: The Boss

I have been what most people consider a “stay at home mom and wife” for 19 years of my life. Ultimately, that means I have handled just about everything that can go right, go wrong, and everything in between for many, many years. If I was handed this job title with a description of duties 19 years ago, I would have probably laughed at the person making me this offer and walked out. Clearly, I did not do this then and this is where I am today.

My Job Title: The Boss

Job Description:



financial advisor


bill payer

chef/meal planner

appointment scheduler

medical assistant

taxi driver



travel agent


activity coordinator

I think you get the picture, although I am sure I have missed something in this list. In addition to all this, I also work from my home 75 hours a week for an actual income that contributes to our household a little bit.

Despite everything I have handled in the past or will handle in my future I have been pretty happy to hold this position for the past 19 years. Yes, call me crazy but I really am happy.

That being said, after last weeks events I was completely ready to apply for a desk job in a cubicle where I would see nobody for my entire day.Thankfully, my husband who is typically very calm and never deals with conflict in our life took over. I am normally the one that handles conflict but last week he made me proud. I just stood back and let him handle it all and wow was it nice.

I may be known as “the boss” by everyone we know. He has me in his phone contact list as “the boss”. His friends know when he says he needs to check with “the boss” exactly what he means. Members of our family’s will even call our house asking for “the boss”. However, once in a while it’s nice to know that he can and will take over the reigns and let me watch from the sidelines.

Will I ever get to retire from this position? Probably not. However, it’s nice to know I have an assistant that can get the job done when “the boss” just needs a day off once in awhile.


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