Morgan Falls and St. Peter’s Dome

Our second day of vacation was the day we planned to take our biggest hike. We planned to hike Morgan Falls and the St. Peter’s Dome trails.


Again, I did my research before leaving home and knew this was going to be a good hike. Upon arriving at the parking lot we saw you were required to pay $5 to take these trails.


You will also find a nice, clean restroom at the parking lot. We paid and started down the trail quickly noticing an enormous amount of biting flies and mosquitos. REMEMBER YOUR BUG SPRAY!!!!

At first the trail is quite flat and very well marked as to where the turn off is to see Morgan Falls. The falls is a short hike from the actual parking lot and can be easily done. Mileage for just Morgan Falls round trip is 1.2 miles.


When you make your way back to the main trail and continue up to the top of St. Peter’s Dome is when it gets difficult. The terrain quickly gets much more rocky and your footing gets much more difficult. Mileage for St. Peter’s Dome round trip is 3.6 miles.


You will cross a creek and head up quite quickly to make the top of the dome. Total elevation according to the trail map is 1,565 feet.

We were very happily surprised when we reached the top to feel a breeze which helped eliminate the bugs. We were hot, tired and feeling terrific. The view was worth the climb.

Here is my husband after he removed his pack, looking at the view from the top. He was very hot!!!! The outline of his pack is perfect.


We cooled off for a bit and decided to have lunch atop this wonderful dome.


After some time resting and visiting with a group of fellow hikers who were actually using this hike as a training trail for an upcoming big trip they had planned, we made our way back down.

This hike was so rewarding for me. I love elevation.  There is something about feeling on top of the world that just thrills me. We arrived back at the car, an entire can of bug spray almost used up on just this trail alone, and feeling great!

After this we returned to Copper Falls State Park where our campsite was and hiked the Doughboy Trail again before relaxing at our site for the night.

In the morning we packed up and headed a little further down the road and back to civilization for the next part of our vacation.

More to come….



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