Copper Falls State Park

Copper Falls State Park is where our summer vacation began. It is located in Mellen, WI.


Upon arriving we were surprised to see they offered carts to help with hauling our supplies to our hike in campsite (August goal # 1). This was nice and very helpful.


We arrived mid morning and got all settled into our site before changing into our hiking boots and hitting the first trail on our agenda.


Typically, I do quite a bit of research before taking any hiking trip just to see what others have had to say. I knew the trail was 1.7 miles long and a loop. From the reviews I read, I was expecting a much more strenuous hike than it was. This turned out to be a very easy walk, with a few steps to climb, and the entire trail is crushed rock which made for a nice stroll along the Bad River.  The trail started behind the concession stand which is easily located upon entering the park and picking up a park map. If you venture off to the observation tower (you will see a sign pointing to it on the Doughboy Trail) you will encounter many more steps. We did venture off to the tower and were very disappointed because the trees have grown almost taller then the tower and the view was literally the tree tops. Not worth the climb in my opinion.

On the Doughboy Trail you follow the Bad River and Tyler Forks seeing some amazing waterfalls throughout the entire gorge. Make sure you bring your camera!!!!



After finishing the Doughboy Trail you can treat yourself to an ice cream cone in the concession stand which is also where this trail ends.

Our next trail in this park we really wanted to see was the Red Granite Falls Trail. This trail was a 2.5 mile loop which brought you through a hardwood forest to the Red Granite Waterfall. We encountered four people on this trail the entire time. Much less populated than the Doughboy Trail. The water fall was beautiful and we climbed onto a big rock and sat and enjoyed the scenery for some time.IMG_0261

We also were able to find a few geocaches in this park. A little side note for anyone geocaching, GPS satellites are very inaccurate in this area. Good Luck!


Then it was time to call it a day for us. We made our way back to our campsite, made a wonderful freeze dried meal, and then headed to the shower house before crawling into our tent and sleeping under the stars. We had a big day planned for our second day of hiking.


More to come…..


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