Our 2014 Summer Vacation


We are back from vacation, everything is unpacked and almost put away. I have so much to share with you all that it’s hard to even begin to document everything. For now I will share a few pictures and return later in the week with more in depth details. Enjoy….

We camped at  Copper Falls State Park,


hiked some easy trails with beautiful views,



enjoyed some great freeze dried meals,

IMG_0297 and found a few geocaches.


After a few days of camping we moved on to another town and traded the tent for a soft bed and a shower in a hotel. Along with many comforts of home it also offered a perfect view of some spectacular sunsets.


During the last two days of our vacation we took in the beauty of some sea caves in the Apostle Islands.


We ate at some wonderful restaurants.



Then ended our vacation with a small picnic watching over Lake Superior playing a game of cards together.


I have so much more to share, from our great family oriented hotel, to trail descriptions, food planning, great restaurants and some great tips on visiting the Bayfield, WI area. However, until I have a free moment, this will have to do.











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