August Goals

August brings me such mixed emotions that I often feel a little overwhelmed. Of course I have a list of goals that I hope to achieve during the month but at the same time, I feel as if I need to pack even more into this month than June and July due to the fact that summer is almost over. I do love fall, however, I do not look forward to what comes after that….WINTER! Just typing that word makes me cringe so let’s get to the list for August. My August goals are:

1. Accomplish our first “hike in” camping trip

2. Make a trip to our nearest Trader Joe’s (2 hrs away)

3. Spend as much time on our rivers and lakes as possible before they freeze up again:(

4. Date Night….yes, I know I had this last month, but maybe, just maybe we will find the time this month

5. Plan a hiking trip with my brother and his family

6. Plan a Lake Michigan fishing trip

Do you notice there are no chores or home improvement projects on my list? I refuse to waste one second of August doing something I can do the months of Nov-March when I hibernate in my home.

Do you have big plans for the end of summer?


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