Things That Drive Me Crazy

Do you ever have those moments when you can’t believe what you just heard or what you just saw? I have many times. And most of the time I keep my thoughts to myself. However, at other times I have had to just speak my mind and normally my husband is that lucky person that has to hear me rant about these things. Lucky guy:)

Well, not today. You all get to hear me rant a little.

Do you know what drives me CRAZYYYYYY:

While at a county park one day we saw a parent changing their child on top of a park picnic table. Are you kidding me???? Bend over, get on your hands and knees and do it on the grass. People come to parks to have picnics on these tables. Think about this please. Let me paint you a picture. Would you all eat lunch on a changing table in a public bathroom???? I did not think so.

Dog owners that use retractable leashes Actually the leash is not the problem, it’s the owner at the other end. Not every person you walk past on the street while walking your dog wants to be licked, jumped on, or wants to pet your dog. That little button on the end you hold is for you (the owner) to lock the leash in place and not let the dog approach people you pass by. If your dog is friendly and needs attention, ASK that person you pass if they would like to say hi and pet your dog before letting them approach that person.

American flags made in China No explanation needed

Politics We teach our children to play nice together and share. Maybe these adults should take up parenting before politics and learn some life lessons.

People that talk on cell phones while on cardio equipment at the gym. Most gyms arrange there cardio machines so they are right next to each other in a line. I am sorry but if whatever you need to be discussing is that darn important that it cannot wait until your 30 minutes is up, step off and go elsewhere to discuss the matter at hand.

Dog Strollers Unless your dog has a medical problem, I see this as a joke. Vets tell you to walk your dog for the purpose of exercise. That means your dog needs to be actually WALKING next to you.

Thank you for listening, I feel better.

Do you have anything you need to get off your chest?


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