July Goal #2- Attempted But Not Accomplished

Remember my July goals list where I was going to try and get rid of my kayaking shoe tan lines around my ankles for an upcoming wedding we have to attend? Well, what can I say…..I did try and accomplish this goal but when you spend countless hours on the water sometimes things are not possible.

I truly did try, see: shoes off, feet up and basking in the sunlight.


Until it was my turn to hit the water again and back into my water shoes I went. It is what it is, I suppose.

Ultimately, the couple getting married tomorrow will probably not notice the tan line around my ankles. And I will not know more than a few people at this wedding anyhow (they are all my husbands work buddies) and even more so, they all know we are a family that spends many hours in kayaking gear. So really, they should consider themselves quite lucky we don’t show up in our PFD’s, helmets and water shoes after a long day on the river.

Here’s to forever happiness, summer weddings and tan lines:)

Have a great weekend everyone…….



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