July Goal #6- Defunking Kayak Equipment

This past weekend was the perfect opportunity for me to accomplish one of my July goals: defunking our kayak equipment. With our son on the road to recovery from his accident we ended up cancelling all our kayaking plans for the July 4th weekend.

If you are a paddler you will all know that your PFD’s, water shoes and spray skirts tend to get this really nice odor to them. To take care of this problem I try and treat our equipment at least twice a year, usually mid summer and before packing everything away for the winter months. Sometimes, I add one other time during the summer depending on the amount of paddling we do. Anyways, it really is quite an easy task.

First, find a large tub (I use the same rubbermaid tub that we store our equipment in between trips). Purchase an enzyme cleaner that is safe for wetsuit material. We like this one:


Pour a few cap fulls of this cleaner into the bucket and add water. (It will give you the proper amounts on the back of the bottle for the size of your water container) Next, you just throw in your equipment soak for a few minutes and hang it to dry without rinsing.

It is amazing how quickly and easily the smell of funk disappears with just a few minutes in this cleaner.

One goal accomplished and six to go. Wish me luck:)



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