Every Parents Nightmare

You know that call that every parent dreads…. we received that call Sunday night from a friend of our son’s. It went like this,”Mrs. Byrnes, Quade has been in a skateboard accident and I brought him to the ER but they think he will be ok!”

It’s like your world is turned upside down in a few seconds. We dropped everything and headed out the door. Imaging the worse but going off those few last words of,”THEY THINK HE WILL BE OK.”

We arrived in the ER a few minutes after that call to find his buddy sitting in the exam room alone hanging his head and feeling like crap. Our son was taken to radiology before we arrived. I couldn’t help but think that these kids (young adults) all have learned a hard lesson on this night but we praised him for making the right choice and getting our son help as fast as he did. This was the one night he forgot to grab his helmet.

Shortly after arriving we were briefed by a nurse and shortly after that they returned him from radiology with a neck brace and visible signs of loss of blood from his head. He was thankfully medicated for the pain by that time and quite aware of everything around him.

To my surprise another one of his buddies also showed up and they all stayed and kept his mind on other things while the ER doctors and nurses did their thing to evaluate and treat his injuries.

In the end he left the ER a few hours later with some staples, a concussion, a broken clavicle, lots of road rash and bruises.


We left with a son that thankfully should make a full recovery in time. We will have a week or so of lots of bandage changing and doctor appointments but in the end we will also have the knowledge that he will not forget his helmet ever again.

We are also very thankful that he has a great group of friends that care for him. They were there the night it happened. And have been popping in to visit ever since.



2 thoughts on “Every Parents Nightmare

  1. Ugh, that must have been a terrifying call to get, I can’t even imagine! Glad to hear he’s doing okay.

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