Weekend Highlights: A Visit With Friends at Clark Lake

This weekend we made our way to Clark Lake to visit some friends and spend some time on the water. For awhile now we have been talking about checking out this lake and Saturday seemed to be perfect. Hot, humid and sunny in Green Bay meant my hubby would be miserable so we headed to Door County where it was sure to be cooler.


We arrived and it was 10 degrees cooler, no humidity and quite windy which meant my hopes for a nice time on the water quickly faded. I was bummed to say the least. We arrived at their cabin and not long after that the sun decided to come out. (I was getting happier) We decided to drive the short distance to the other side of the lake where the small beach area was and to my surprise it was much calmer and gorgeous. (I was now very happy again)


We had a great time with the kayak and SUP we brought and really enjoyed chatting on the beach. Both my friend and her husband tried out kayaking for the first time and one even got brave and tried the SUP. However, kayaking seemed to be her preferred paddled watercraft of choice.

After a few hours at the beach we loaded everything back up, had a nice lunch at their cabin and then they took us for a tour of the lake on their pontoon.


It was a wonderful end to a gorgeous Saturday with friends. I know we will be returning again to play on this lake in the near future and hopefully spend some more time together away from the big city we live in.

We are very grateful to have had such a wonderful day at a cozy cabin on a wonderful lake.




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