Wanted: Advice From Fellow Backpackers/Campers

We are seeking some advice from our fellow backpackers and campers out there in cyber world. I know many of my readers are also campers and backpackers so we are hoping you can and will give us your opinions and advice on a few topics.

We are looking forward to a big backpacking trip in a few weeks and are struggling with a few details. Some more important that others, however, all that we need advice on.

First, do you use a utility cart of some sort to help haul supplies to your campsites? Recently we were hiking in a park where all the sites were hike in destinations and I was amazed at the number of people that had utility type carts that they used to help them get supplies to there campsites. We have yet to do a hike in campsite ourselves but in a few weeks it is going to happen. Now, we are by far ultralight campers, but this sure would make things easier to get some of our bigger gear to our site rather than on our backs. What are your feelings on this topic? Please tell us what you have tried, used or did to accomplish a hike in site with all your gear.

Second, what dry shampoo would you recommend? This one is probably more for my fellow female backpacker/campers but guys if you have an answer for me please go ahead and speak up. We will be camping for a few nights where there is no running water within a few miles. I don’t plan to be doing my hair, looking my best or attending any dinner parties back in the wilderness. However, I know I will be dying to wash my hair after two nights and this will be my only option. Does anyone have any recommendations for good dry shampoos to pass on to me?

Our final questions is what type of instant coffee do you all prefer? We have tried a few in the past and the best so far is by Trader Joe’s. There is one big problem, Trader Joe’s does not ship and we are a few hours from the nearest one to buy more. We know we don’t want to buy a camp size brewer simply because why carry more than we have to. So instant we can settle for but what brand is the best. That’s what we are counting on all of you for. Give us your opinion and we will give it a try and see what we think.

That’s all our questions. Nothing too serious or important for that matter. Just some things that we have been thinking about.

Now it’s up to all of you. Send your answers, comments, opinions, and responses our way. A big thank you in advance to everyone:)


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