Weekend Highlights: Newport State Park and A Father’s Day Fishing Trip

After a week of poison ivy, an achilles tendon injury and the end of the week with my husband coming down with this nasty virus, it’s amazing we even got out this weekend and did anything. Although, we are troopers and I just can’t stay indoors when the sun is shining. So Friday night we cancelled our original plans of kayaking and changed to hiking and a fishing trip. Kayaking takes much more stamina and my husband just did not have it in him with what he was fighting off.

Saturday morning we packed up the gear we would need to visit a new state park and do a little hiking and maybe some fishing. We headed to Newport State Park in Ellison Bay, WI.


We arrived mid morning after a few stops in Door County and were surprised to see how quiet this park was. They have 16 total campsites and every single one is a hike in site which probably explains why the park was so quiet.

We grabbed our fishing poles and took a trail that lead to Europe Lake.


This was where we were hoping to fish but upon reaching the lake access from the trail was difficult at best. Plus the lake was so shallow on the edges that we would have had to walk in to reach deeper water to fish. Although fishing was not possible we did continue hiking the trail to find a few geocaches. My husband and I also wanted to check out three camp sites we were interested in. All three were beautiful but we have our heart set on camping at either 14 or 15 in the near future.


It is miles from any other site, feet from the lake, and is very secluded. Just what I like on my weekends. I am very impressed that the park service provides a steel lock box at every single site in this park because of animal problems with food a night.


We have never seen this in any other WI park before. Leaves us less to carry on our back into the campsite 🙂

As we ended the trail we made our way to the lake shore and followed that back to our car. It was so gorgeous.


After about 4 miles and a full day of fun I drove home so my hubby could relax and rest. He had had enough and was tired. This is a sign that he was pretty sick. Normally we can keep up with each other pretty well but after the day he was just out of pep. I was just happy to have hardly no pain in my foot by the time we were done.

Sunday brought a sunny start to his Father’s Day morning. Although we knew rain was headed our way both my husband and son loaded their gear into the boat and headed out for a day of fishing together. I decided to stay home, catch up on errands, grocery shopping, and have some alone mom time. I know they did not mind going without me and I did not mind staying home alone at all. It all worked out quite well.

They arrived home later in the afternoon and again my husband was quite tired. So it was a night of rest and relaxation.


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