Friday the 13th…..Are you Superstitious?

Ewww it’s Friday the 13th. Will you change the things you do today?

I won’t be changing anything. It’s just another Friday. I am not superstitious in anyway. Although, a funny thought just crossed my mind typing that last sentence. Now that I wrote it something is bound to happen,right? I probably jinxed myself. Either way, it is what it is and no matter what the date I am just happy it’s Friday.

Speaking of bad luck, I actually think we may have been cursed all week. Monday I somehow injured my achilles tendon cutting the lawn. Of all the things I do that I could sustain an injury from, cutting the lawn was not at the top of my list. Apparently it should have been because the ice pack and pain meds have been my best friend ever since. I have refrained from walking as much as possible and any workouts that cause additional pain. Thankfully weight lifting and my stationary bike are tolerable so not all exercise has been put on hold. You would never want to see me on a day when I get no exercise, I am a real b****!

Monday night also brought on some bad luck for my husband with the discovery of poison ivy from his ankles to his knees. Despite the fact that he has had this numerous times in the past he was still quite miserable with the itchy rash.

And something that I have been through many, many times and it really never gets easier. The question WHY? My oldest daycare child has finally discovered this little word and I have heard it at least 100 times this week. If you are a parent and have reached this stage you all know how frustrating this simple question can be over and over and over again throughout the entire day. If you are not a parent and have never experienced this simple question over and over and over throughout the day… so thankful. I did my best to explain WHY every time she asked WHY to a certain situation but sometimes I would just grit my teeth and pretend to not hear her. Gosh, is that bad? However, I will admit it, it worked a few times 🙂

To add to the week we had moments of rain two out of five days. Which in my life means we play indoors and that brings back winter memories of many, many hours of indoor play. It’s hard to go back to that time so we sang our “rain, rain go away” song over and over and hoped someone up above heard us.

In reality, Friday the 13th. could mean bad luck. Although, honestly I don’t need a date on the calendar for this to happen.

For now I will wish all you father’s a very Happy Father’s Day and wish everyone a great weekend.







2 thoughts on “Friday the 13th…..Are you Superstitious?

  1. Hahahaha, I know those Why-Children from a social work traineeship we had to do for school. In my host-family, there were three boys; aged 6, 4 and 1.5 years. The eldest was such a why-child… But I tried to turn the tables by asking him, what he thought why this is how it is, haha… The Why-rate became smaller and smaller everyday… 😀

    Have a lovely sunday.

    • Funny you mention that….I also started asking her WHY to things she said and it also helped a great deal. She felt the frustration the same as I did when she did not have an answer for my question.
      Thanks for your suggestion and comment.
      You have a great day also 🙂

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