A Quiz I Took and the Results

I recently was sent an email from REI outdoor gear retailer that asked me to take a quiz. The quiz was to find out what camp type person I was. This sounded fun so I went with it and was very happy with the results.

I was asked a total of nine questions with about 5 choices to pick from for each answer.

1. Pick a destination: Mountains

2. Camp drink of choice: energy drink (typically this would not be my drink of choice but it was the only one I would consider in the options given.)

3. Favorite Treat: chocolate

4. Pick a city: Denver (Out of all the choices it was the one closest to mountains so I went with it)

5. Pick a bird: Eagle

6. Favorite breakfast food: bagel

7. Age I am: I choose the answer “Not acting my age” because I normally don’t when I am out in nature

8. Woodland creature I am: Grizzly, because I can be quite the bear at times

9. Wake up time: crack of dawn

My results came back and listed me as “An Adventurer”- up before the sun you’re gone. There are trails to hike, rivers to raft, rock faces to climb. Your motto “Back By Dinner”

I was very happy with these results. I see myself as all this and yes, normally I am back by dinner.

This quiz really made me think hard about where I was less than 5 years ago. First of all, I would never camp, in a tent, without a flushing toilet within a few yards, and with no shower or running water. We should be in the phase of our lives where hotels and resorts look much more appealing to us, not roughing it out in the woods like when we were first married and had no money to do anything. Heck, even then I would not camp.

I sat an wondered to myself what happened in the last few years to change my mind so drastically…and I just could not answer that question exactly.  I just love being out in the woods, with no one to impress, no technology, no demands on my time, no need for my hair to be done, my clothes to match, and so forth. I could go on forever. When I leave home for a trail to hike or a river to paddle it’s like going to church for me. It’s my moment to be at peace with the world. Maybe, as I aged I started caring less about what people thought of me and more about what I wanted for myself. I am not quite sure, but something really changed a few years back and I am so thankful for that change. I am so much happier with my life and the activities I do now than I was a few years ago.

Do you ever feel the need to just escape from life? What do you find helps you escape?



1 thought on “A Quiz I Took and the Results

  1. That picture at the top is simply gorgeous! And, to answer your question, Yes!! I do sometimes feel the need to escape. And, although I don’t love not being near a toilet and running water, I do feel a deep connection with nature. It can be so peaceful and healing. I love the smell of fresh leaves and grass, hearing the animals, and just being. thanks for sharing!

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