Weekend Highlights: Paddling Season Arrives

We had such a gorgeous Memorial Day weekend that we took advantage of every single second. Every single day was packed with fun. Which is probably why I find myself sitting here now typing and letting my body rest before the kids arrive in a few hours. It’s one of those Mondays (which will actually be Tuesday) I am happy to see come because my job is often easier than my weekend adventures in the summer months 🙂

We started off Saturday hiking a trail and picking wild asparagus. (No pics to share, I forgot the camera) Saturday afternoon was spent packing the truck with kayak gear for the first big paddle of the year.

Sunday we left home at 10am for our favorite river, truck and trailer were fully loaded and ready.


We had two of our son’s friends join us, one seasoned paddler and one newbie. (Sister’s actually)

The water was still quite chilly but honestly, I expected worse.The young one’s were able to tolerate the water temperature fairly well and even got in a little body surfing.


My boys wasted no time getting back into the groove with their play boats.



Although, our son did drink some river water twice Sunday by forgetting how to keep his kayak upright.


To our surprise even the newbie wanted in on the surfing action. So, our son gave her a few pointers before sending her into the current.


After surfing she even surprised us with her request to try the biggest rapid on the river. For her safety we sent my husband down first and had him stand mid rapid on a rock with the throw rope.


She made it like a pro, the rope never left the bag, or at least for her anyway…

It was so great to be back on the river, paddles in hand and eagles flying over our head. We’ve waited so long this year to get back out there.


Monday brought a day of fishing for my husband and son and I spent it doing a little retail therapy.(shopping) Someones has to do it!

It was a great weekend. I hope you all enjoyed yours as much as we did.




8 thoughts on “Weekend Highlights: Paddling Season Arrives

  1. I am so jealous! This looks like so much fun and I hope to one day be able to do this. I sailed competitively in college and love all water sports. Unfortunately I sustained a pretty bad hip injury and have been battling with it ever since. Sailing is also an expensive sport to do as a hobby so far away from the bay and ocean. But I would love to take up kayaking or SUP as a local way of staying active and being in nature. Thanks for the pics and happy SITS day!

    • SUP is my new passion, it is so calming. Besides it’s also a great workout:) I hope someday you get to try one or the other or possible both.

      Thanks for visiting…come again.

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