Get Up and Move Challenge Update


How is everyone doing on their 30 minutes of movement?

In case your new to Natural Red, I posted back in January a challenge for everyone to give a gift to themselves and get up and move for 30 minutes at least 6 days a week. You can check out the original post here: Get Up and Move

For us here things have really changed since the nicer weather has arrived. We still make it to the gym at least two nights a week and usually 1 day on the weekends. The other nights we change it up fairly often. If we are not walking three miles after dinner we may be walking a disk golf course having fun,

IMG_2614 playing tennis at a local park or


hiking an area trail.


We are also hoping to start hitting area rivers and lakes with our kayaks and standup paddle board. It just needs to be a little warmer.

Share with me what you have been doing in your area. Has it changed with nicer weather?

If you have not started this challenge yet, now would be the perfect time to make this commitment to yourself. You have so many options so just GET UP AND MOVE 🙂

Your body and mind will thank you.



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