Weekend Highlights-Hiking, Geocaching, Fishing and Disc Golf

We had such a beautiful weekend here after a long week of rain.

Saturday we got up bright and early to go workout before we started our day of adventure. After our workout it was home to shower and change and go pick up our new hiking partner. We had the pleasure of taking one of my daycare kiddos with us for the day. She is only 2 1/2 years old but her heart has been set on hiking with us for some time now and this was the perfect opportunity to take her along. I guess all those Fridays of her helping me pack our backpacks for hiking gave her the impression that hiking had to be fun, especially when you pack treats in the backpack.

We headed out with her to an area our family has visited often in the past. First, we had to take a peak at the fish hatchery. She really thought this was amazing.


Next, we were off to the deer park area to feed the deer and the chickens some food. She was prepared with her bag of food for the animals and her backpack with her water bottle and treats inside.


Then it was to the trails for the thing she was so excited to do…go hiking! We even had her find a few treasures (geocaches). She was very interested to go through every single items in each cache container we found.


Then we saw a park playground nearby which we had to visit.


And the last stop was to a nature trail to see if we could find some critters. It did not take us long to come across a fuzzy little friend.


After this it was back to the car for a quick snooze on the way home. It was a big day with lots of new adventures for this little one and she loved every second of it. I have a feeling she may be asking her parents to go hiking in the future.

Then Sunday rolled around and it was a day of even more activities. I started out my day grocery shopping and preparing most of dinner before leaving for the day. I knew it was going to be a busy day so this just made things flow easier. Mid morning we left to go try out my husbands new fishing reel/pole he got a few weeks ago. It was sunny, warm and the fish were very active.


When we felt we had caught our share of fish in the river we decided to take the scenic route home. We came across a new park that is located right on the Bay of Green Bay which has a sandy beach. I noticed it when I saw, from a distance, this big green balloon type thing out in the bay. After stopping and taking a closer look we realized it was a person trying to kite surf.


He was standing on the bottom that far out and it was all sand. Ahhhhh, an idea came to me. I could travel the 10 minutes to this park after work in the evening and stand up paddle for awhile whenever I wish. This was awesome. Nothing we have is close enough to have fun during the week. So now I am waiting patiently for a little more warmth so we can SUP whenever we wish.

After our scenic drive home I finished throwing dinner together, we ate and it was back out the door for our last activity of the day. Our first game of disc golf this year.


Gosh were we rusty!!! We played 18 holes and called it a day.

The best way to end a great weekend is exhausted and that is exactly what we were.








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