Do Your Workouts Change With The Seasons?

I never quite understood why about this time of year society starts “getting ready for swimsuit season.” Which made me wonder, does everyone change their workouts according to the seasons?

After thinking about this question for awhile I would say that, yes, my workouts do change from season to season somewhat. Although, I can assure you, it has nothing to do with looking good in a swim suit!!! It really depends on what I do during the day.

Take summer for example, I work over 10 hours a day Monday through Friday every week. However, in the summer at least 7 of that is outside. Add some hot, humid conditions to that 7 hours and a 3 mile walk is about all your going to get out of me after dinner. (Plus my daily 1 hour workout that I get in at nap time every day.) Weekends in the summer months are active from sun rise to sun set. So no scheduled workout is needed, much less possible.

With the arrival of fall things change a bit. This is normally when I start getting back to the gym on a regular basis. Along with my daily home workout, we will walk or get to the gym  every night during the week. Again, it really all depends on the amount of time I spend outside chasing little ones during the day.

Winter is when I really get into a routine. I love routine, so scheduling workouts just makes my day so much more manageable. I can plan dinner around what night of week it is (we don’t like big dinners on gym nights) and I can also plan appointments around what workout is planned.

Spring is when I struggle quite honestly. Which is where I am at right now. The weather is getting nicer and it’s daylight longer, so naturally I want to spend as much time outdoors as I can. Although, since my husband and I visit the gym together, it’s harder for me to just say I would rather walk instead of go to thy gym. He is enjoying the gym tremendously and for that I am very happy, BUT, I want to be outside! For now we are making it work although I am curious to see what happens when the spring weather is here to stay. I just hope we can find a schedule that fits both of our needs.

So tell me, do your workouts change from season to season? Is it to look better in a swimsuit or for another reason? For me, it’s all about being healthy, staying active and the feeling of happiness that exercise gives me.(You gotta love those endorphins)

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