Let’s March Into April

Where did the month of March go? Wow, it flew by for me. However, I am very happy to be turning another page on my calendar tomorrow to welcome April.

We have a few fun things planned for April that I am anticipating. We will be getting back to geocaching and making our way further down the Ahnapee Trail. Easter plans are made and hopefully Mother Nature cooperates with us on this day. I am almost certain my husband and son will be hitting a river somewhere for some whitewater action with their kayaks. However, I will not be joining them, April is still just too cold for me. I would rather get all my spring cleaning done and hopefully get my kitchen painted before the very nice weather makes an appearance.

I have been working diligently on our summer plans and hope to have them finalized by the end of April and vacation day notifications sent out. This is one of the hardest things I do every year. My list of places to go is always longer than the summer lasts. And my husband says we can not be gone every single weekend. So, I do my best and try and leave one weekend a month that we spend at home. Generous of me, right?

The month of April is bound to be one of transition here, I would assume. Getting our house painted, the outdoor toys and patio tables all back out, cleaning the yuck from winter out of our vehicles and preparing for what comes next. Let’s all hope for some windy days with lots of sunshine to help melt what’s left of the white stuff and dry out our lawn.

What’s the thing you are anticipating most with the arrival of April?

2 thoughts on “Let’s March Into April

  1. I’ve never been happier to see a month arrive. March has been brutal at work and weather wise. Ready for some warm weather fun.

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