March Check In…

It’s been a month since I have checked in with everyone to see how your Get Up and Move progress has been.

It should be getting easier with nicer weather. I’ll be honest, this last month for me has been rough but I have managed 30 minutes a day religiously. I am just thankful I have workout equipment at home that I am able to utilize while my kiddos nap. We have had so many appointments after work, that there were three nights this month we just had to skip our nightly routine. Either way, 30 minutes was achieved one way or another and I should be proud of that.

I must say with the snow and ice melting, we have gone back to walking outside after dinner which makes me extremely happy. I am super excited to start getting my kiddos outside to burn off some extra energy also. We have been discussing walking to the park and riding bikes for a few weeks already. Even my son is preparing for outdoor activity, he recently brought his bike in for a Spring tuneup.

Now that life has somewhat gotten back to normal after a crazy month, I am looking forward to getting back to normal routine. Soon my 30 minutes will be hiking, paddling and beating my husband at a good game of tennis. I can’t wait.

Keep up the good work everyone:)

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