My Birthday Will Be Filled With….Wishing, Wondering and Waiting

As I celebrate another birthday today, I can’t help but wonder what the next few years will bring. Would I ever want to be 20 again, no way! 30, maybe. Each decade that has passed has brought much different pros and cons.

In my 20’s I was newly married and a mom first and foremost. We were new homeowners. And honestly, every penny we spent I kept track of. Would I go back? No, I am happy all that is over with. I loved being a new mom, love our home, enjoyed being a new wife and I got us through some rough times financially just starting out. I can honestly say I am happy that stage of life is over.

In my 30’s I was obviously still a mom first and foremost. Although, I was able to concentrate on me a little more at times. We were still happily married. I had been now self employed for quite sometime. My husband went through a major job change after 17 years, which was stressful for us all. And finances were much easier than the decade before. This is the decade I also came to realize I wanted more out of my life and started making changes to my lifestyle to achieve my weight loss. Would I go back to this decade, possibly. I’ll be honest, being a parent to a son between the age of 14-16 was the worst. If I could skip that part in this decade, I would go back.

Which brings me to today, my 40’s. I am still a mom but with more of a “part time position” with him being an adult now. We get along fairly well and enjoy doing things together. Which is a great feeling for me. I sometimes feel like he is now watching over me instead of the other way around but I am ok with that. I am still happily married. I have been self employed for 18 years now and still enjoy what I do. Yes, it has some ups and downs, but what job doesn’t? I have no problem putting myself first again now that my son is grown. I am still eating healthy and working out, which brings me great joy and satisfaction. I will admit, I think my hormones are starting to mess with my mind and body because some days dragging myself to the gym is hell, but I still do it. I feel more pressure to accomplish the things I have on my bucket list, but slowly I am getting them crossed off. I am much braver now than I used to be. I don’t worry about what other people think about me or the things I do as much as I did when I was younger. I also feel like it’s my time to make some big dreams comes true, before I am too old to do so. This may take some time, but I am working on it. All in all, so far this decade has been pretty good to me. Especially when I look around and see others my age and compare lifestyles. I feel blessed to have the life I live.

So for the next year my goals are simple. Stay active, enjoy life with my husband and son, eat healthy and work toward my one dream. All of you that are close to me will know exactly what that dream is. The rest of you will just have to wait until it comes true for me to share it.

I will make my wish, blow out my candle and wait to see what happens in the next few years.

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