A Breath of Fresh (Cold) Air

This past weekend we decided to brave the cold and venture out for some ice pictures. With layers of long underwear on we headed to Door County and were rewarded with some very beautiful sights.

Our first stop was the coast guard station in Sturgeon Bay. We exited the car and were hit by a brisk wind that made me start to shiver immediately. We proceeded to walk out to the pier and I was amazed at the depth of the ice along the shoreline.


We were not able to go far because of ice covering the entire pier but I was not disappointed. It was so windy that I was not sure how long we would be able to tolerate the conditions. After my son finished with his pics we headed back to the car and drove further to our destination, Cave Point County Park.

This is one of our favorite places to visit in the summer months. You can walk along the beach, enjoy the nice cool breeze and take in the gorgeous rock formations. In the winter it’s a whole different terrain. Ice, ice and more ice.


Even with the ice making walking very difficult the views were breathtaking.


There was even a spot along the shoreline where my husband and I found a rock not covered with ice in which we took advantage of and just sat down and enjoyed the bright sunlight for awhile.

Thankfully the wind was from a different direction here and we were pretty comfortable compared to the Sturgeon Bay pier.

I cannot even explain how good it felt to be outdoors, breathing fresh air and away from my home for the first time in months. If I did not already have spring fever before, I really have a bad case of it now.

NOTE: All the pictures in this post are courtesy of our son.

You can see more of his photography at


or at


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