Member For a Month…

One month ago my husband joined the gym because he was feeling unmotivated and just feeling blah. Here is the update.


For us this last month has been kinda crazy. Of course, all of you that are already gym goers know how crazy the month of January can be with all the new members. Well, ours is no different. Crazy is really an under statement. I have sure enjoyed having a partner at the gym even though we don’t do the exact same things.

I am a cardio first type of person. So I usually hop on the arc trainer and get done my 30 minutes right away. He had never been on an arc and made his way through all the cardio machines offered and finally settled on the arc also. This is nice because if we want to talk we can. Then we move on to the cybex machines. He lifts a lot more than I do and for a longer amount of time but I do more of a variety of machines. So in the end we finish at nearly the same time. Then we sweat out 15 more minutes of cardio, me on a bike and him on the arc again.

I have to say, if anyone is looking to brighten your mood, improve your health, enhance your life in general, you should really try an exercise program of some sort. The change I have seen in my husband is wonderful. Even though we were quite active before, winter is when he would loose a lot of his activity level. I still continued to work out on a regular basis, so I never really felt this decline in activity as bad as he did. He is happier, less stressed, his appetite has improved enormously and he has no trouble sleeping anymore.Oh, and I guess I could add my opinion and say, he looks pretty nice too:)

My hope for the future is that we continue to workout together on a regular basis. In reality, I don’t know if this will happen as regular as it is now. Once the snow melts and we can get outside we are busy. We put on many miles hiking, paddling, swimming, biking, playing tennis etc. that the gym is the last place I want to be. If the sun is shining and it’s warm outside I would much rather get my workout outside. But who knows, maybe this will give him the energy to keep up with me and we can do both gym and outdoor recreation. For example, when we kayak, he used to get so mad when I would come home and still want to go for a walk after paddling for 5 hours on the river. Plus the gym will be air conditioned which is great for him, he hates it hot. So maybe it will all work out in the end.

I must admit, he is not a big people person and I really thought that all the new January members would scare him away. So far I am wrong, he is dedicated and that makes me very happy.

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