I Still Can’t Believe It…

First, let me remind you the exact statement my husband made to me 8 years ago.

He said,”I am not giving up red meat and I will walk with you only twice a week!”

OK, I was not going to argue. Something was better than nothing at all. He was not happy at the time that his doctor wanted to put him on medication for cholesterol and blood pressure issues. I had already lost a significant amount of weight by this time and was walking about two miles a day by myself. He came home and said he asked the doctor to give him 6 months without medication to see if he could get healthier on his own. They both agreed and he left, arriving home to walk into the house and made the statement above.

I ask him to walk with me and just cut back on red meat. He agreed and we started eating better together (instead of just me) and walking twice a week. I was thrilled;) Little by little we started walking more and farther and the better he felt the more we started to do other things. 6 months later he returned and the doctor could not believe the results of his blood tests. Amazing what a little exercise can do. As of today we are both medication free, blood work is all perfect, and we are an active family.

Which brings me to the surprise he gave me the other day. He called me one morning and stated that he was not feeling good about himself and life was just blah. No energy, no will to eat, tired, just plain blah. Now this is weird because we still walk three miles almost every night. Yoga has not been done regularly but we do still do it together at times. So I said ok, what is your plan? He said,”I want to join the gym with you!!!” I was speechless.


I have tried numerous times to get him to come try it as a guest with me and every time he shot me down before I even had the entire sentence said. Both him and my son hate it when I come home from the gym with loads of energy after a workout. So, we went that night to try it out. I took him on a tour of the place, we had a quick workout just so he could try out the equipment he was interested in and before we left, he signed up. I still to this moment find it amazing. To this date we have had a total of three workouts together so far and he is feeling the same energy I feel every time.


Our plan for now is to still walk twice during the week and workout twice during the week at the gym. Friday’s are always up in the air what we do for exercise. Saturday and Sunday I have been known to spend 2-3 hours at the gym because it’s really my happy place. He is planning on working out on the weekends also, but I may have to cut back to 2 hours max if I want to workout with him. Winters are hard, so I really think this is going to make all the difference in the world to him.

I must say, I am so happy he is going to give this a chance. I can’t wait to workout together but I am even more happy he is doing this for him and no one else.

My question for  you is, do you and your spouse/significant other work out together?

Would you if they ask you too?

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