Let’s Talk Yoga…

Yoga, some love it and some don’t. I will admit, I was very skeptical when I was told to give it a try to help with my plantar fasciitis about a year ago. After giving it some thought, seeing countless doctors wanting to try numerous medications and some even telling me they could try surgery but it may not work, I gave in and tried yoga. I figured, why not?


Remember, I work out twice a day and walk three miles nightly with my husband, so I was not worried at all that I could not do this. My first session was great, some positions were odd and balance was tough, but I did it. I felt great everywhere when I was done, and found it quite relaxing. I was even quite amazed when I broke a sweat, which is not easy for me to do. I was happy, foot still hurt, but I had to give it time.

The next morning I woke up to do my normal morning routine, and I could hardly walk!!!! I think I stretched portions of my body that I have never stretched in my life. I could not sit on the floor (which I do daily for many hours for my job), could not bend over to pick up anything without wincing and I knew immediately I would not be working out on this particular day.

Two days later, I did the same routine again, with much more ease and again felt wonderful when I was done. Happily, the next morning I felt much less pain than the first time. Maybe I was on to something, so I kept doing it about three times a week and have been so amazed what I have discovered.

I am not a fitness expert and have no professional training what so ever in this field. I can assure you, if you are stiff and not very flexible, this is a nice, slow, moderate workout for anyone. My foot pain has since subsided completely, I have not visited my chiropractor in the last year for back or hip pain and I am so much more flexible than I used to be. All around, I just feel so much more better physically. I even raved so much about how I felt, that my husband said he would give it a try, and he loves the benefits he is feeling also.

The one point I want to get across is that in the world we live in, I hear all the time, I have no time to work out, I am too busy, my kids this and my kids that, it’s too expensive to belong to a gym, I am embarrassed to work out in front of others. Then your answer to all these issues is YOGA!

You can do this with very little money invested, all you need is a mat and a favorite yoga dvd (most library’s will even rent them at a low cost if you don’t want to buy one). You can do this in the privacy of your own home. Your children will love imitating the poses while you do them yourself, so have a fun family session. As far as lack of time goes, most dvd’s are 60 minutes long, which I am sure most people spend this long on social media everyday, which they can swap out for some personal yoga time.

Body’s are a lot like cars. They are meant to be moved around and not left sitting still. Yes, at first you may feel rough, sore and stiff. Give it time and I would bet you would feel the benefits sooner than you would think.


2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Yoga…

    • Isn’t it great to watch them join us in healthy activities. When downward dog (for us) turns into a summersault (for them) I have to just laugh. So darn cute:)
      Thanks for the comment.

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