Training For Our Trip- Sept. 2-8


Training for our trip this week consisted of:

Monday: 3 mile walk (just myself)

Tuesday: my daily routine and 5.25 mile walk together

Wednesday: my daily routine and 3 mile walk together

Thursday: my daily routine and 3 mile walk together

Friday: my daily routine only

Saturday: 5.25 mile walk together and an additional 4 miles for(just myself)

Sunday: off

For more information on my daily routine you can find this at:

This week I felt a little overwhelmed after being away from home for 5 days at the end of last week. We came home to a pile of mail and a to do list that is getting longer by the day. With the weather getting cooler, I am sort of panicked that we better get to it before the white flakes start falling from the sky. (Oh, how depressing)

Although, I am happy we did make some kind of training a priority and did get some miles in on most nights. Some weeks just aren’t what I wish they could be, but some is better than nothing.

At least the home repair and “to do” list has gotten a lot shorter. And I did hit my all time high in walking miles on Saturday, so I was thrilled:)

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