Training For Our Trip- Aug. 26-Sept. 1


This weeks training consisted of:

Monday: my daily routine and 3 mile walk together

Tuesday: my daily routine and 60 minute yoga session together


Thursday:30 minutes on the arc trainer and 30 minutes strength training at the gym(just me)

Friday: off (but technically some strength training involved moving our son into his dorm)

Saturday: hiked 4.5 miles of bluff trails at Perrot State Park with loaded packs


For more information on my daily routine you can find this at:

This was one of those unusual weeks. We had off Thursday and Friday for the big “dorm move” so I was pretty proud of myself Thursday morning when I could have slept in a little, I got up and went to the gym to work out. I never get to do this during the week, and early morning work outs are my absolute favorite time to work out. It keeps me energized for the entire day. So this was a treat and I took advantage of it.

Thursday was travel day and Friday was move in. After move in my husband and I left for Perrot State Park for a weekend of camping and hiking. So, our normal routine was somewhat mixed up but variety is always good. We hiked some huge bluff trails with some very steep inclines. Some even had ropes for those hikers that would need additional assistance.


This was awesome practice for our upcoming trip.

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