Training For Our Trip

So this week we really concentrated on training for our upcoming trip to Zion National Park.

I guess I should first tell you all our normal routine so you have something to compare our progress to.

My daily routine:(Mon-Fri)

6 mile recumbent bike ride

30 minutes of weights

15 minutes floor/stability ball exercises

Our daily routine:(Mon-Fri)

3 mile walk 3 nights a week

60 minutes of yoga 2 times a week

On Saturday and/or Sunday I will also go to the gym and do 30 minutes on the arc trainer, and weights for 30 minutes. Always one day on the weekend and if time permits sometimes both weekend days. I will typically walk at least one of these days for three miles also, but my husband rarely will join me. He likes to take weekends off.

Now we have really adjusted our schedule, to try and make the goal of 10 miles in one day which is what we will be doing on our trip. I will still do my daily routine every day of the week, but we have decided that we need to increase our walking mileage and do it more often. Which results in now only doing yoga one night a week and walking a farther distance 4 nights a week.


This weeks training schedule consisted of:

Monday: 2 hours of standup paddling(for me) (I had the day off)

60 minutes of yoga (for me)

5.25 mile walk together

Tuesday: 5.25 mile walk together plus my daily routine

Wednesday: 60 minutes of yoga together plus my daily routine

Thursday: 6.2 mile walk together plus my daily routine

Friday:  off

Saturday: arc trainer 25 minutes and 30 minutes of weight training at the gym(for me)

Sunday: 3 mile walk (just me)

It was a good week. I am confidant we will make the goal, it’s just very hard to fit in longer walks at night during the week. We also have to keep in mind that when we go for the trip, we have all day to hit 10 miles. Right now we are getting up at 4 am working 10-11 hours a day and then training at night. Eventually we hope to walk 5 miles in the morning and 5 miles in the evening, that is if we are ever home for a full day on the weekends.

It will be all worth it in the end:)


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