Trip Of A Lifetime With The Love Of My Life

About two weeks ago my husband came home from work, and I surprised him with a question he was not expecting. Yellowstone or Zion? He just sort of looked at me with this blank stare on his face and said, well, let’s here the details. (Which he knew I would already have printed out for him, because that’s just who I am.) He didn’t ask how, why, or how much money.

After reading both plan details, he answered, ZION!!! I was sooo happy and excited. Two hours after that, everything was confirmed. (Except for his days off at work, but I was not worried, there is always that sudden illness if they said no.) There was no way I was giving him time to change his mind.

Now, you have to understand one thing. Typically in our house we make decisions together, for the most part. I did not just throw this at him and expect an answer.(well, ok, maybe I did a little) He had been hearing me say for at least the past 6 months that I was ready for a vacation. We have dedicated our last two summers to college touring which has eaten up all our vacation time. Not to mention, we are not getting any younger, and I feel a little panicked lately, that I am not going to get in everything I want to do before my body says I am not doing that. So, this has been on our list for awhile, and we are doing it. It’s going to be our 20th anniversary and I couldn’t think of a better place to spend it to celebrate. So, I should at least get credit for giving him two choices, both of which are on our list.

Now the hard part begins. We are very active people, as you know from reading past blogs, but we need to get even more active. The schedule was sent to us and we have been working hard at increasing our mileage every night. We typically walk 3 miles after dinner, now we have been walking 5 miles. Our goal is 10 miles total, but, time restrictions really have us limited during the week. As we get closer to the trip, we are going to have to add our loaded packs. We have also changed up our route drastically from the normal route. We needed to add more hills, because the elevation we will be climbing is pretty drastic.

We have purchased our day packs, and have started accumulating some of the supplies on the packing list they sent us.


We have never done anything like this before, so I am nervous and very excited all at the same time. So far, everyone we know thinks we are crazy. Most people look at a vacation as a time to relax. I hate vacations where we just sit around. You only live once and I want to live life to its fullest and explore everything I can.

I saw this saying a while ago and had to take a picture to always remember it. This is exactly how I want to live my life.


I just hope my husband enjoys the ride with me. Wish us luck and I’ll keep you posted on our progress.


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