Geocache #400

We have finally hit 400 geocaches and it only took us two years.


We don’t do this too often, because it’s usually too buggy in the summer, too cold in the winter, or we are just simply too busy doing all the other outdoor activities we do.

We recently went on a trail not too far from where we live and had a nice walk. Wild flowers lined the edge of the trail making it quite beautiful.




Unfortunately we came upon an area that was suddenly bombarded with mosquitoes. A little further up the trail we found the reason for all the little bothersome critters. A nice little pond!


So, we turned around and headed back the other direction. When we hit sunshine and a breeze everything was much better. So we kept walking coming upon a yard full of old farm equipment. I thought this old wagon was just so cool.


After a few more yards we hit shade again ,and sure enough more mosquitoes. Since my husband is the one that has to venture off into the woods for the actual cache, because I am not into bushwacking, he said he had had enough. ( Remember my rule: If I can’t see the ground, I also can’t see any snakes, so I don’t go!)


So we turned around and headed back to the car. We accomplished what we were out to do and that was to find #400.

Now we’ll see how long it take us to find #500. Time will tell.

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