Wausau’s Farmer’s Market

I squeezed in a little trip to the farmer’s market while we were visiting Wausau this past weekend and left with all kinds of goodies.


This market is quite small, very affordable and they have some of the nicest veggies I have even seen.


I was preparing meals in my mind as I ventured down the isle looking at the assortment of vegetables to choose from.

Here is what I came home with.


I wish I could have had a bouquet of these beauties but they would have wilted spending the whole day in the trunk while we hiked. Aren’t they beautiful?


Sunday morning bright and early I got up, worked out, and started preparing dishes with everything I had bought.

Bruschetta with the tomatoes. I added some fresh basil from my own garden.



Refrigerator pickles with the cucumbers. (Hubby lent a hand with the slicing, because last time I almost took off a thumb! OUCH)



Zucchini muffins and bread with the zucchini’s.


There quite honestly is nothing better than fresh veggies.

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