Hiking Rib Mountain State Park

Another one of the activities we had planned while visiting Wausau this past weekend was to hike Rib Mountain State Park.

A picture from the car window upon arriving. You can really see all the ski slopes.


The temperature was cool, and the skies were cloudy, which made this hike bug free for the most part. We started the hike with a family picnic under a park shelter.


Then started down the trail. Our goal was to find a few geocaches, and to hike around the Quarry Trail. My favorite type of terrain to hike is boulders and incline. So I was in heaven, there were boulders everywhere. We climbed all the way to the top of the quarry cliff and then we made our way all along the top rim.



The trails were so quiet, we saw a total of 6 people the entire time we were hiking.


We did find all the geocaches we were out to find, and hiked a total of 4 miles with a lot of elevation.

We were all quite tired and very happy to see the parking lot when we rounded the last corner.

Another great memorable family hike to add to our collection:)

PS: So far this year, snake free!!! Amazing!


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