Date Night With Wildlife And A Wild Ride

Last night after dinner my husband suggested that we venture off our normal routine and maybe walk a trail at the Wildlife Sanctuary. I was on board for this change of pace. I knew it would be somewhat quiet being it’s the middle of the week, and I was hoping the mosquitoes would not be too horrible.

We arrived and started down the trail. It was shaded and beautiful.



We were up very close to the wildlife which normally you can see from a distance because of where the normal walkway is to see the animal habitats. This trail took you behind their habitats.




After a little walking, we started to encounter massive amounts of mosquitoes. So we headed back out into the open area and explored the water pond, and the man made water fall area.



They have made so many improvements to this park that it is hard to imagine the way it used to be years ago.


While climbing to the top of the water fall, staying on the concrete path, we came across a sign that stated,” Stay on Trails/ No Rock Climbing.” I made the comment to my husband, “gosh, how boring is that?” (I love to hike up and down rocks)


Which leads us to the adventure of the night. Right across the street is the city amusement park, Bay Beach.


We had both been here a number of times with our son when he was younger, and ourselves as kids. I had known for a few weeks that my husband really wanted to ride the newest ride at this park, but I do not like roller coasters. I told him we were this close, we could go take a look and see how long the line is and maybe he could ride and I would take pictures. He did not like that idea. It was date night, and I was riding! He then went on to say,”You know, I have done a lot of things I thought I would hate for you, you can try this for me.” Oh fine, let’s just get it over with.

The Zippin Pippin was big, and made of all wood. Not metal, not steel, WOOD!





Oh my, my heart started beating faster before we even had the tickets.

In regards to the tickets, I must admit, when we got in line to purchase tickets, I was amazed to see prices for them had not gone up too bad since I was a kid. Tickets used to be 10 cents each. I was surprised to see a family could still have fun for a few dollars here.


For $2 I was going to risk my life riding a roller coaster. Again, let’s just do it and get it over with.


Up the walk way we went. Heart beating faster than before. Sit, buckle up, take a before picture (just in case there is not an after picture to take).


Hang on here we go.

Oh my, I remember going up, and coming down the first drop. Then on the way up again, I shut my eyes and did not see another thing till it halted to a dramatic stop. What I would not do for my marriage.

I survived, and here is proof. Shaken, dizzy but alive.


I had to lean on my husband I was so shaken, and thankfully we were seated for a bit before exiting, because I would have never have gotten up and walked immediately after the ride.

My husband said that he had not heard me scream like that since we first started kayaking. Well, dear, you will not hear me scream like that again anytime soon again!


One thought on “Date Night With Wildlife And A Wild Ride

  1. I’m with you, Karen! I went on the Zippin Pippin this June just so that none of the girls I was with would have it sit alone or with a stranger, and because I tried to believe that after my battle with breast cancer this winter, nothing could be that bad. Well, I tried to keep my eyes open, but closed them even before we went down the first “hill”. I don’t know what you call the scream like noise I made the whole time, but is was purely involuntary, and I could not have let go of the bar in front of me if I had wanted to. I have re-evaluated my thoughts on taking risks. I enjoyed the zip line we did, following the post- breast cancer logic, but I don’t ever need to do a roller coaster again!

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