Peach Vinaigrette Marinade and Kabobs

Recently, when I visited Door County I picked up a bottle of peach balsamic vinegar. Then I thought, what am I going to do with it??? Ahhh, make a marinade, and have kabobs. So, to the experiment lab(the kitchen) I went. Now sometimes when this happens, we end up with a good meal, and sometimes, not so tasty. I figured the best night to try this was when my son was working, because my husband is a little more open minded that my son.

To my surprise, it was a success. So, I will share with you what I did.

First, if you are using wooden kabobs sticks, you must soak them for at least two hours in water to prevent a fire. (My husband appreciates this part, because he is the griller at our house.)


And now for the marinade.

Peach Vinaigrette Marinade

1/4 c. peach balsamic vinegar

1/4 cup olive oil

2 tsp. minced garlic

4 TBSP. honey

pepper to taste

1 tsp sea salt

2 TBSP dijon mustard (not pictured, sorry)

I combined all these ingredients, and poured them over bite sized piece of pork loin and left them marinade for two hours before preparing my kabobs.


In the mean time, I prepared all my veggies and fruit for the kabobs. This can be whatever you like. I used what I had at the time.


Then it was time to get creative. Prepare your kabobs using the soaked sticks and prepare your grill.


Ours grilled for about 20 minutes. Kabobs need to be turned often to ensure grilling all the way around .


Let the kabobs sit for 5-10 minutes before eating.

They were so yummy. Of course you could use chicken in place of pork, if you prefer.

I hope you find yours as tasty as we did.


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