Wave Riding Lake Michigan/Stand Up Paddling

Today we woke up to some breezy conditions outside which meant Lake Michigan may or may not be rough. We took a look at the web camera, and oh boy, we could see whitecaps, but my boys were determined to give it a try. I, on the other hand, was hoping for a nice little ripple to finally get the stand up paddle board on the big lake. Upon arrival, I knew the board would never leave the truck.


My son, upon entering the water, debating, shall we or shall we not?


They have done bigger waves on this lake before, so I knew they were going to go and try it. It’s really a matter of wave spacing. Sometimes it’s perfect and sometimes it’s not.

Getting ready to paddle.


Ok, let’s go.



After a while of paddling to get far enough out to ride a wave back,


they figured out today would not be the day for Lake Michigan paddling. So they caught a few good ones and made their way back to shore.


Then they said it was my turn to get wet. We headed to a near by lake so I could paddle my SUP. Hurray!!!!

Upon arriving, there were a ton of kids and families having picnics and swimming. Summer has finally arrived here.

We took a short paddle around the lake, and then really wanted to try out what we had learned in our recent paddling class. My son went first, and tried his turn. First on his knees.


Then standing, one foot in front of the other.


This is extremely difficult, as you can see. He went swimming again.


Then it was my turn. No pics of me, but I assure you, I went swimming three times from the standing position. I have the kneeling position mastered though.

Then my husband tried his handstand again, and this time I actually was out of the water with the camera ready.

Getting in position


And up he went


Very graceful I must say. He even landed it right back on the board, unlike last time when he ended up in the lake. Very nice honey!

After a few hours of paddling and playing. It was picnic time. You will all be so proud of us, we actually utilized a picnic table this time instead of the tailgate of the truck.


So, for a Sunday, it was a fun relaxing day in the little town of Algoma.


Until next time,

Happy Paddling Everyone

3 thoughts on “Wave Riding Lake Michigan/Stand Up Paddling

  1. Hey, Thanks for the link…. Was fun to see others getting into the spirit of waves. My mentor is trying to teach me how NOT to surf and how to back into oncoming waves so not to be surfed and then rolled down the face. Speaking of Paddleboards… someday you will need to journey to Bend, Oregon and go up to Sparks Lake with your boards (rent them at Tumalo Creek) We took the kids (18 – in college, and 17 Senior) up there last year and all had a kick… Here is a link to what a summer among the Volcanoes looks like…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DwncJGUqgU

      • Hiking there is phenom, as is Mt. Biking. Mid-late Aug. into Sept. if you can swing it, are the best…And.. as I always joke with my son, who has tired of me saying.. Be Safe… Be WildnReckless! Have fun out there… Gotta look over some of those recipes…

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